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Romance for Speculative Fiction Readers

Over at her Earl Grey Editing blog, Elizabeth Fitzgerald is providing a few recommendations for introductory reading in speculative works that double as a gateway to the romance genre (or vice versa). As anyone who has attended the multidimensional GenreCon convention in recent years can attest, there's a lot for [...]

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Issue #1 of Dimension 6 is out now!

CSFG is acting as a "distribution affiliate" for D6, the new FREE (and DRM free) spec fic e-zine from Coeur de Lion Publishing. Issue #1 features stories by Richard Harland, Charlotte Nash and Jason Nahrung. You can download it in epub format here and mobi format here.

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Free Stories

Ian McHugh has been posting more of his print fiction publications to read for free on his website: "Grey Snow in the Shadows" (from issue #58 of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine) "Vandiemensland" (from the 2013 CSFG anthology Next) "From Sorrow's Gate" (from issue #1 of Crowded Magazine) “The Godbreaker and Unggubudh [...]

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New Fiction!

Alan Baxter has a new story, "All the Wealth in the World", free to read online at Lakeside Circus. The Time-Maker’s expression is serious. I can’t stop looking at her translucent skin. She must be a thousand years old. Her eyes are almost lost in folds, but dark brown irises glisten, [...]

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Victimless Merchandising from Simon Petrie

Peggy Bright Books have put together a free sampler of CSFG member and Sir Julius Vogel Award winner Simon Petrie's work, titled 'Needs More Dinosaurs': five complete short stories ('Downdraft', 'To Arms', '@Bearhouse', 'Storm in a T-Suit', and 'Three-Horned Dilemma') available as a free ebook, in pdf, epub, and mobi [...]

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Some things our members are up to

Chris Andrews has posted his Next Big Thing thing. Ross Hamilton has started putting his published stories up on Smashwords to read for free, beginning with the story "Triumph of the Scientific Mind". Simon Petrie has passed on news from two of the publishing projects he's involved in. Peggy Bright Books [...]

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