2017 AGM 18 October

A quick note to formally advise that next month’s meeting, to be held on Wednesday 18 October, is the CSFG Annual General Meeting. Generally, the AGM will take up some of the first hour of our normal meeting (from 7:30 pm). The outgoing committee will report on the activities and [...]

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And now, a message from the President

What we’ve been discussing at the CSFG... ...and what’s up next. Here at the CSFG we’re always trying to challenge ourselves – push our craft of writing into what might be unfamiliar or challenging areas – and by doing so become more dynamic writers. So, for our May meeting, we [...]

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Membership fees raised

The CSFG Committee agreed at the March meeting to raise annual membership fees. As of 16 March 2017, memberships will be at the following rates: General membership - $30.00 Concessional membership - $20.00 Outer Canberra membership - $10.00 The Committee regrets this unavoidable increase. The hike in membership rates is [...]

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Late notice for August meeting

For anyone that did not catch the news via social media, be advised that CSFG's August meeting will be back in the ACT Writers Centre. 7:30 pm Wednesday 17 August 2016 ACT Writers Centre Meeting Room Gorman House Author Felicity Banks will be there to talk about writing interactive fiction [...]

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Important – Next meeting location!

Due to the renovations going on at the Gorman House Arts Centre, the February general meeting will be held in a new location: The Academy of Interactive Entertainment 49 Phillip Avenue, Watson (You might also know it as the Canberra Technology park). The timing is still 7:30 pm on Wednesday [...]

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July meeting rescheduled

Please note that due to building work at Gorman House, our next general meeting at the ACT Writers Centre will be at 7:30 pm on WEDNESDAY 22 JULY. This meeting will replace the usual 3rd Wednesday meeting, which would have been held on the 15th. This month's meeting will have [...]

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Special general meeting – 18 March 2015

The next General Meeting, on 18 March, will be a Special General Meeting. At the AGM in October 2014, the Committee asked the membership to vote on a proposal to amend the rules to allow the CSFG to be able confer life memberships. The membership voted to approve the proposal [...]

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First meeting of 2015 next Wednesday!

Did you guys even realise it was 2015 already? FEBRUARY 2015. That’s only 320 days away from 2016.  AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE SO FAR?!?!  If the answer is ‘Not as much as I’d like’, then our February meeting is for you.  (If the answer isn’t that, you should still [...]

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