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Fantastic Verses

by Tim Roberts (at thegreencastle.wordpress.com) While I was having fun browsing various dealer tables and stalls at Worldcon in Chicago last year (Chicon7), I discovered some fine and intriguing collections  of poems among all the anthologies, novels and books about Speculative Fiction. I ended up buying four different collection of [...]

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The Attraction of Dystopian Fiction

by Ross Hamilton (article in A Writer Goes On A Journey) The function of science fiction is not always to predict the future but sometimes to prevent it. – Frank Herbert Dystopian fiction and why do we like it? An interesting question - but perhaps we should start by first [...]

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Some things our members are up to

Chris Andrews has posted his Next Big Thing thing. Ross Hamilton has started putting his published stories up on Smashwords to read for free, beginning with the story "Triumph of the Scientific Mind". Simon Petrie has passed on news from two of the publishing projects he's involved in. Peggy Bright Books [...]

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