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You might ask what we’ve been doing lately…

For our April 2018 meeting last month, we had a fantastic workshop delivered by Rob Porteous on ‘Putting science into Science Fiction’. Rob is the organiser of the CSFG Novel Writing group (see the ‘what we do’ section to find out more) and also has an extensive science background, so he was a fantastic source of advice. He explained how we could use science to enhance our science-fiction, provided us with examples of these pieces of fascinating science (think prions, toroidal earths, glass sponges – now go away and google them) and stepped us through an example of how a story can be created from such an idea.

What’s coming up…

For our meeting on Wednesday 16 May, Nicole Murphy is running a workshop on Character Arcs. Nicole is an experienced author ( (not to mention a very long-running member of the CSFG), so she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to writing. Characters, like people, should be dynamic – they should be changed by the events you, the writer, are putting them through to make an interesting, believable story. That is, they need to have an ‘arc’. So if you want to know how best to an arc for your characters over the course of a narrative, come along and hear what Nicole has to say.

Our meeting is at the usual time (7.30pm) and place (the Hellenic Club in the City – 13 Moore Street) in the ‘Atlas Room’, which is upstairs (as you pass the front counter, the stairs are on your left; walk up them and turn right at the top). Non-members are welcome to come along and join up at the meeting if they want to join.

Hope to see you all there!


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