A Hand of Knaves – anthology update

The A Hand of Knaves (AHOK) editorial team (Leife Shallcross, Chris Large, Simon Petrie and Juliette Morley) has been hard at work behind the scenes organising a solid base from which to build our exciting new anthology. The premise of stories featuring rogues, scoundrels and ne’er-do-wells in speculative fiction seems [...]

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And now, a message from the President

What we’ve been discussing at the CSFG... ...and what’s up next. Here at the CSFG we’re always trying to challenge ourselves – push our craft of writing into what might be unfamiliar or challenging areas – and by doing so become more dynamic writers. So, for our May meeting, we [...]

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Membership fees raised

The CSFG Committee agreed at the March meeting to raise annual membership fees. As of 16 March 2017, memberships will be at the following rates: General membership - $30.00 Concessional membership - $20.00 Outer Canberra membership - $10.00 The Committee regrets this unavoidable increase. The hike in membership rates is [...]

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Member News – November 16-January 17

We have a world of news to catch up on since our last update, which only goes to show that life can move pretty fast if you're not paying attention (or if you just neglect your blog for several months over a very hot summer!) World's Finest! One of the [...]

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Normal Service has been Restored

You might have noticed the CSFG site was down for a few days. Or you might not (we almost didn't). Sorry for the outage folks. No idea what happened there, but as far as we can tell everything is back in its usual place. If you detect any anomalies, just [...]

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Conflux – Blog roundup

Conflux 12 Red Fire Monkey is done! Convention Book Cover by Shauna O'Meara Here's what our members had to say about it: Elizabeth Fitzgerald's report dives deep into the panels she attended: Part One and Part Two. Tim Napper's report comes primarily from the bar, where the writing [...]

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Member News – October 2016

With the busy business of Conflux and the CSFG AGM now behind us, it's time to celebrate the wins, the milestones and the culmination of grand schemes that take us ever closer to our perhaps-overshared secret goal of WORLD DOMINATION! In other words, here's what our lovely and brilliant members [...]

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AGM and Life Memberships

Committee News This week's CSFG Annual General Meeting saw the turnover of the Committee and the appointment of a new President: Angus Yeates has succeeded Leife Shallcross as the World Dominator-in-Chief of the CSFG. Congratulations to Angus for stepping up to become our human shield glorious leader! Angus is joined [...]

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GUFF is the Get Up and Over Fan Fund. This fund sends a delegate to a major convention (sometimes to more than one) at the other side of the world. Jukka Halme came to Australia early in 2016, representing European fandom. CSFG's own Gillian Polack represented Australasia at Loncon, Liburnicon [...]

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