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    • alis
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      Give that the Ditmar, Hugo, and Norma K Hemming awards are currently open for nominations, I figure it’s time for a bit of shameless self-promotion!

      So if you have something that’s eligible—for either award, in any category—it’s time to let us know!

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    • paula
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      The Bloodwolf War by Paula Boer is a YA fantasy, set in a horse world. Published by IFWG Australia in November 2019. Thank you!

    • Alan
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      Love a bit of shameless self-promotion. Here’s my eligible stuff this time around:

      Best Collected Work:

      Served Cold by Alan Baxter, Grey Matter Press.

      Best Novella or Novelette:

      “Yellowheart”, Alan Baxter, in Served Cold, Grey Matter Press.

      Best Short Story:

      “Exquisite”, Alan Baxter, in Served Cold, Grey Matter Press.
      “The Ocean Hushed the Stones”, Alan Baxter, in Served Cold, Grey Matter Press.
      “The Throat”, Alan Baxter, in SNAFU: Last Stand, Cohesion Press.

    • samhawkewrites
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      Hi all!

      Only a few days left to nominate for the Hugos and not-a-Hugos and hell, it’s been a sh*te year, might as well shoot for something good – if you have any room on your nominating ballot for the Astounding award (formerly the Campbell) this is my second and last year of eligibility and I would *so* appreciate your nomination if you’re so inclined. It is an extremely long shot, especially as due to publishing dramas my second book got delayed and so I didn’t have a novel out in 2019, but I did make the longlist in Dublin and given the Aus/NZ presence at this con and the fact that City won a bunch of the Aus awards last year, hey, you never know! 

      If you went to Dublin or are going to NZ this year, you are able to nominate: Hugo nomination link

      I have some room in most categories on my ballot too so if anyone has anything eligible you wanna shake in front of our noses, reply to this! 

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