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    • Felicity Banks
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      I stopped using pen names because I couldn’t remember who I was from one event to another. So it’s amazing that it took me this long to realise I needed my own online store.

      [I used ecwid and it was super easy and free with wordpress business. I’m told it can work for free on normal wordpress and various other things too. Feel free to ask me questions and I’ll tell you everything I know. It won’t be a long message.]

      I write:

      *Steampunk fantasy (usually set in Australia), and my Antipodean Queen trilogy will be FINISHED this September.

      *Pirate fantasy for kids (like Narnia with pirates), also a trilogy (all written; 2 and 3 will come out in early 2019 and 2020).

      *Interactive Fiction (like ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books, but usually digital; the store is physical only but there’s an ‘interactive fiction’ tab with all the links and outlines).

      *Murder in the Mail/Magic in the Mail: Stories told through letters, objects, and artworks physically posted to the reader over several weeks (except for the Emmeline’s Empire mini-story, which is sent as a single parcel and is only $30). Featuring several other csfg-ers, especially Shauna O’Meara (she’s in all three stories).


    • Angus
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      Sounds awesome, Felicity.

      I must say that it was with no small amount of excitement that my girlfriend notified me that the third instalment of Murder in the Mail arrived the other day. Very much looking forward to opening it…

      It’s been great.



    • Felicity Banks
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      Niiiice! People are actually talking about their theories on the forum, which is extremely fun to watch. MurderintheMail.boards.net

    • maren.child
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      The store looks great, and easy to use. I’m enjoying getting my weekly installments of Murder in the Mail with all the letters, artwork and mysterious objects – luckily the postie has apparently decided that envelopes with ‘Murder in the Mail’ reply address are safe to deliver!

    • Felicity Banks
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      I don’t know why or how, but Maren’s email automatically came to my email as well. Presumably coz I ticked the “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” box below.

      • alis
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        @fellissimo Yup, that’d be why. :P

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