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    • fomalhaut451
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      Hi y’all,

      A quick double-spruik. First, the ‘Oztober’ (Australian spec-fic) ebook promotion, organised by Ashley Capes, is on now, with heaps of ebooks for 99c each. I think Alan (Hidden City) and I are the only two CSFG peeps represented on it — it has my 80,000 Totally Secure Passwords That No Hacker Would Ever Guess — but there’s heaps of other stuff as well, by authors you’ll know as well as by some new names. The promo finishes tomorrow, so don’t leave it too late to check it out.

      Second, for those interested, I’ll be at BookFace in Gungahlin this afternoon, the same bookshop that played host to Leife a month or so ago, for a book signing and an opportunity to waylay unsuspecting customers with SF-themed chat. I gather they have a fairly full roster for the signing table throughout the day — there’s some sort of festival happening, probably associated with the putative completion of some aspect of the light-rail work in the town centre — my own stint at the store is from 1 to 2 pm. Feel free to drop in! (It’s a very worthwhile bookstore, btw: not a voluminous selection, but a well-thought-out one.)

      Cheers, Simon

    • Angus
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      Thanks Simon. I’m just working my way through the Oztober offerings now…

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