If you missed our November meeting, you missed a wild time.

Leife and Louise traipsed us through the woods and the wilds with a view to learning a little more about all creatures big and small, and how an understanding of animal folklore can enrich the stories we write.

We talked about beastly bridegrooms and selkie brides, heraldic symbolism and animal-related superstitions, and how your choice of familiar can tell the reader a great deal about your witch.

If you’re curious to enrich your writing with folklore, you can learn more by taking a walk in the woods with author Terri Windling – http://www.terriwindling.com – or follow #folklorethursday – http://folklorethursday.com/

With only half a month left of 2017 you might be ready to review your writing year. Whether you’re looking at word count tallies or publications, rejections or successful plot-wrangling triumphs, there’s no need to do it alone.

Share the highs and lows of your writing year, and your plans for 2018, with the rest of CSFG at our end-of-year celebration. It’s conveniently timed in between the full moon and the solstice, leaving you free to pursue other, er … commitments.

Join us at The Snug, at King O’Malleys, on Wednesday 20 December at 7:30pm for drinks, dinner if you wish, and festive frivolity liberally laced with silly puns (you know that last aspect is inevitable – just embrace it).