by Phill Berrie (at Phill’s Phollies)

I shot my first handgun today… and no this is not a dragonborn diary entry, I still haven’t had the chance to play any more Skyrim since my last entry.

My current WIP, a rewriting of my novella ‘The Changeling Detective’, has a contemporary setting and involves gunplay. And, although I have fired rifles in the past I have never fired a pistol before. So, I thought I should address this deficiency so I could write with some authority about them.

Note: This is probably going to be of more interest to my Australian and English readers where gun ownership is highly restricted.

The local chapter of the Sports Shooters Association of Australia had their open day today so I, my daughter and a fellow writer friend, Gillian Polack, took the opportunity to go for a quick visit to the club (we only had a couple of hours free) and get some hands-on experience with firearms, Gillian more so that the rest of us (more on this later). What follows are my observations on firing a handgun. [more]