The CSFG hosts an online community through and Discord for keeping in touch between meetings, and with friends and colleagues from the Greater Canberra region.

These groups are open to anyone interested in the CSFG’s activities. As well as local and active members of the Guild we’ve got friends from all over Australia and beyond (i.e. the Greater Canberra region). The online community sees discussions about CSFG activities, more general conversations about writing, what’s going on in fandom and publishing around Australia and the world, news, events, and all manner of friendly chatter and a certain amount of geek humour. And puns. Some people use puns.

If you’d like to join the  you can send a mail to [email protected] or join up at the home page. The CSFG Discord may be joined via this link. If subscribing gives you any trouble, or you have any questions you’d like to ask beforehand, feel free to ask.