We wrote our book in a day!

The CSFG Team staged our entry for the the 2012 Write-a-Book-in-a-Day Contest on Sunday 8 July at the ACT Writers Centre. Pictures and words about our day are below, and a pdf of our story.

The Write-a-Book-in-a-Day contest is a fundraising event for state children’s hospitals that runs from April to August each year. It began in Perth in 2003 and has since expanded across Australia. Teams of 5-10 writers are given 12 hours to collaboratively plan, write, illustrate, print and bind a book (of around 8000 words in the Open category, less in the schools categories). Donations raised by ACT teams go to the Paediatrics at the Canberra Hospital (PatCH) program.

The CSFG team’s sponsors donated over $600 to PatCH!

Our Write-a-Book-in-a-Day experience

Participant testimonials:

“Working for 12 hours creating a book for charity with a bunch of good natured, professional people was a hoot”

“when I got home I was completely stuffed! “

“I think I’ve been in a sugar coma since about lunch time”

“who’da thought I could get through a whole day without even one bad pun?”
[Note: subjective opinion]

“I still can’t carry things on my right side… but I hurt so much less and the abrasions are already healing”

“I had heaps of fun and would happily do it again some time (not too soon though)”


Action shot

Working hardly vs hardly working

The Plan #1

The Plan #2


Cover Story (PDF)