Last CSFG meeting Nicole Murphy gave us fascinating insight into character arcs. This included the two types of characters (steadfast and changeable) and the roles these serve in your story, the use of character arcs in different genres, and the importance of conflict. Nicole illuminated the importance of character arcs to a dynamic and interesting story.

For our upcoming meeting, to be held at 7.30pm on Wednesday 20 June at the City Hellenic Club, we are holding a panel on Author Platforms. Our members Alis Franklin, Elizabeth Fitzgerald and Chris Andrews have all agreed to lend us their expertise and insight into using various author platforms to promote ourselves as authors, including Social Media, Blogs and the Internet. How important are they? How do we establish an online presence? How do we maintain this? And any other questions you’d like to ask. Alis has been blogging since the dawn of the internet, Elizabeth Fitzgerald runs the successful Earl Grey Editing website, Chris has a built up a large Social Media following.

Come along and hear our panellists discuss author platforms, how to build them, and the various advantages and pitfalls in doing so.

Looking forward to seeing you there.