Gillian’s novel Ms Cellophane is now available from Momentum Books as an e-book for Kindle, iPad/Pod/Phone and whatever other curious and unusual device you might have. Buy your copy here for AUD $4.99.

“Elizabeth Smith, recently made redundant, thinks that her life is deadly dull. She feels like cellophane – like people look right through her, like she’s not even there. A simple redecoration job involving a mirror turns her life upside down.

Through ominous horror and an unexpected romance Liz learns to become a whole person – someone who takes up space in the world, and demands to be herself.

Part gentle love story, part bizarre horror tale, but never, ever boring, Ms Cellophane is a revealing look at one woman’s nightmare transforming her reality in unexpectedly amusing ways.”

Ms Cellophane was originally published by Eneit Press under the title Life Through Cellophane and was a finaliast for Australia’s Ditmar Award for Best Novel in 2010.