To Tim Napper, whose story is a finalist for the first quarter of the 31st Writers of the Future contest. (Fingers crossed that CSFG will soon be adding our fourth WotF winner!)

To all our members on the preliminary ballot for the 2014 Ditmar Awards:

  • Cat Sparks, The Bride Price – Best Collected Work and Best Artwork
  • Kaaron Warren,”Air, Water and the Grove” – Best Short Story
  • Alan Baxter, “Not the Worst of Sins” – Best Short Story
  • Shauna O’Meara, Next – Best Artwork
  • Zena Shapter – Best New Talent

Kaaron, for her story “The Unwanted Women of Surrey” and Ian McHugh, for his story “Vandiemensland”, who made the shortlist of honourable mentions for Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year #6

Sales and Publications

Alan sold a story to The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

Liefe Shallcross sold her story “The Blue Djinn’s Wish” to the Peggy Bright Books anthology Use Only As Directed and a story to Aurealis magazine.

Simon Petrie’s drabble, “Protocol” was published at SpeckLit.