Hello all, and welcome (if a little belatedly) to 2022!

This year we’re hoping to get back to a little more normality with how the guild runs – that is, with a bit more of a focus on the social side and ensuring that along with great educational pieces, we really get the community side of it coming to the fore.

One of the great pieces of news is that we have a new home for the next twelve months! While Downer Community Centre was a great hall, one of the aspects that made it a little difficult for some people was the restrictions and lack of availability of food and beverages. By relocating to the Burns Club in Kambah, we no longer have those restrictions! Of course, there’s no expectation that everyone will do meals and drinks every meeting, but the option is there for those wish to utilise it (by which I mean me. Because it beats eating a Big Mac in the Downer carpark).

While this is a social meeting, with no specific topic, we will be chatting about a few upcoming things and stuff, like the 2022 Geek Markets on 02 April, and the plans for an upcoming anthology (just the plans . . .no announcement or EOI yet).

Anyhoo, I’m looking forward to this year’s in-person meetings coming back to being the norm, and will still try and manage to stream it where I can if people would still like that option. Next month, if all goes well, we’ll have a social media specialist, and we’re looking to alternate specialist and social evenings – 2022 is a bit of a reset, and that makes it an opportunity to make the Guild better at supporting members and providing services. So come along, let us know what we’re doing right (or wrong), and what we can do better. Or just enjoy the evening!

Catch you all at the Burns Club on Wednesday.