We believe there may be a handful of submissions to the anthology, sent on or before 16 September, that might have been lost as spam.

If you submitted a story to Next before 17 September and received an acknowledgement email, your story has been successfully received and will be considered. But, if you submitted to Next on or before 16 September and did not receive an acknowledgement email, please re-send your original submission email, with story attached, to the Next anthology gmail address. While the anthology is now closed to new submissions, we will, in the interests of fair dealing, accept the re-sending of those stories which have previously been submitted to the anthology (on or before 16 September) but which, following their submission, did not receive an acknowledgement reply. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU RE-SEND YOUR ORIGINAL SUBMISSION EMAIL, to ensure any re-submission is not mistaken for a new submission. We reiterate, the anthology is now closed to new submissions, and we can only hold the window for ‘submissions previously lost-to-spam’ open until midnight (Canberra time) on October 20th.

We have received many submissions to the anthology. We do not believe that any more than a handful might potentially have been lost to spam. If you have reason to believe that your story might be among this handful, please contact us to check at [email protected]