Hi all, and welcome to the March Meeting Announcement! This month we have the ever-knowledgeable Rob Porteous conducting a workshop on Mastering Theme starting at 7pm, Wednesday the 17th March. Rob will lead an entertaining workshop on Theme in Spec-fic that will show you how to take your spec fiction from great, to great and meaningful! Theme is one of the most poorly understood aspects of writing but Rob will unpack what it is, how to find the themes in your writing and how to leverage them to increase the impact on your readers.
If you didn’t catch this workshop at GenreCon in Brisbane back in 2019 (I think?), don’t miss your chance to join in here!
With venue still proving a challenge, we have a bit of a different location in Downer Community Centre (Frencham Place, Downer). I’ll go through a quick brief on the night as to the challenges we’re facing with venue at the moment, and where we’re at with the process, but the short version is that we’re planning on the Gorman Centre for April, and we’re *nearly* through the hoops to make it happen. Looking forward to having a home for the Guild again, almost as much as I’m looking forward to Rob’s workshop.
See you all there