Canberra-based author-illustrator Shane W. Smith, who spoke at a recent CSFG meeting about writing and producing comics, is seeking contributions for his upcoming anthology All the King’s Men. Shane is looking for original short stories and comic scripts set in the galaxy-spanning science fiction universe of his previous graphic novels: The Lesser Evil, Peaceful Tomorrows and The Game. Prospective contributors are asked to familiarise themselves with the background of the setting (or to read the graphic novels!) so they can pitch outlines for either an original story or one of a number of concepts sketched out by Shane.

The theme of the anthology is: “sometimes it’s impossible to mend what has been broken.

Note that this is a paid writing gig – Shane has a grant to produce the anthology from artsACT and is offering at least 4c a word for prose stories.

For more information on All the King’s Men, or to contact Shane to discuss your ideas, check out the submission guidelines. Submissions close on 31 March 2016.