The next General Meeting, on 18 March, will be a Special General Meeting.

At the AGM in October 2014, the Committee asked the membership to vote on a proposal to amend the rules to allow the CSFG to be able confer life memberships. The membership voted to approve the proposal in principle, and so the Committee has now drafted some proposed amendments to the CSFG rules to enable this.

 The Committee has also drafted some other amendments to the rules. These are largely administrative, and have generally been proposed to simplify CSFG processes (eg membership applications and election of Committee members) and to bring them into line with our actual practices, or up to date with fancy, newfangled, modern technology like email.

The changes are available to members in a tracked-changed word document. If you would like a copy of the changes to the CSFG rules prior to the SGM, please send a request by email to:

[email protected]

The Committee will be asking the membership to pass a resolution to accept the amendments to the rules at the meeting.