The Book of Lore

The Book of Lore


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A masterclass of spec-fic novel writing.

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The Book of Lore is a compendium of the notes prepared for the Canberra Spec-Fic Guild’s Novel Writing Discussion Group.

If you write fantasy or science fiction, this Masterclass will lift your writing to a more professional level. It’s the essential guide to writing your first novel and full of insightful tips that will even help experienced writers. It covers everything you need to know about starting, and finishing, your spec-fic novel. There are definitions of important terms, discussion prompts to get you thinking
and heaps of exercises and tips to apply to your work-in-progress.

Just add coffee – An instant Writing Discussion Group!

You can learn a lot just by reading this book cover-to-cover. But you’ll learn more, and learn quicker, if you work through it with a bunch of writing buddies.

You can use this book as a year-long Masterclass—just meet once a month and discuss one of the twelve chapters. Or dip in and pick a topic of interest, do the exercises and come together and discuss what you learned. And to give you an extra reward, the book includes twelve tried and true recipes for delicious cakes and slices to share with your group!

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