Machinations was launched on 10 August, 2008, at the Marcus Clarke Centre, Australian National University.

Well what a day it was. The launch speeches were great. Well done, Kaaren, Michael and Chris. Michael did well off the cuff and luckily he had a loud voice.

Unfortunately there was a little competition noisewise from Phenomenon goers. But some of them bought books so who can get upset about that. I believe a copy of Kaaren Sutcliffe’s speech will go on the web page. There is definitely some quotable quotes in that. Something to put on the cover of the next anthology.

  • 25 copies of machinations sold
  • 20 on consignment to Paul (and we know he’ll sell those and more).
  • 4 on their way to Sussex Inlet to Nicole’s bookstore.
  • Bunches of 5 or 6 here and there on consignment to CSFGers.

Plus sold a copy of Agog, 2 Aust Absurdities, 3 ASIMs, four Nor of Humans. Alison sold Androdgeny and 2 Specks. I believe Maxine sold Time Future and Time Past.

The bookmarks and fridge magnets went down well ( so I say…can’t believe me though). Valerie’s review copy went missing, so I replaced it. However I was a book short and I believe that Michael Barrry was waving one around while making speech….

Not bad turn out really.

It was great to meet Nicole in the flesh, Hal Judge (howdy), Stu was there again… Oh yeahr and Kaaron Warren – Aurealis champ, either winner or nominee a few times round.

Les’s artwork was much lauded, but he wasn’t there to take a bow. We’ll have to have another launch just so Les can attend.

Many thanks to everyone, Maxine, Tess, Stuart, Alison, Anthony, Allan, Valerie, Robbie, Michael, Chris, Paul…all very helpful signing copies of books, organising food, wine, lollies, mingling.

Now we just have to get those review copies out….