My Top Social Media Tips for Writers

Guest post by Zena Shapter I didn’t mean to become one, but over the last few years I’ve become a social media consultant. Writers started asking me how to use social media and, after a while, I thought – why not? Since I know about social media … why not [...]

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Writing what you do and don’t know

Guest post by Ian McHugh Something writers are often exhorted to do is “write what you know”. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your stories should reflect the literal truth of your lived experience, although they can. My first published story, “The Alchemical Automaton Blues” was basically a recounting of a real [...]

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Filing off the serial numbers

Guest post by Ian McHugh Some of the best advice I ever got as a writer was to “file off the serial numbers” from stories I admired and use what I’d got from them in my own work. This is, as it sounds, an exhortation to steal – shamelessly – but [...]

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The Making of Good Writers

Guest post by Zena Shapter I’ve had this thought so many times… Wouldn’t it be nice to do nothing else in life but write? Usually it’s when I’m working on an uninspiring work project, on my hands and knees cleaning up milk spilt by the kids (yet again), or washing [...]

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Escaping from planning and world building

Guest post by Ian McHugh I didn’t start writing stories – at least, not with the serious intention of having them published – until the year I turned thirty. Prior to that I’d fiddled about with ideas and worlds, maps, creatures and characters, even plots and actual scenes without ever progressing [...]

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Killing your darlings

Guest post by Ian McHugh I think a lot of people come at this notion the wrong way – that, in writing, you must kill your darlings. A friend in my writers’ group was talking one day about his long-term novel project in these terms – that he needed to kill [...]

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Time Management for Writers

Guest post by Zena Shapter Time – as writers it’s probably our most precious commodity. We need it to write. We’d give anything to have more of it. We juggle it. We savour it. We devour it. Sitting down at my computer to write, time can vanish in an instant [...]

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Everything We Know About Storytelling We Learned from The Lord of the Rings: Part III

The Return of EWKASWLFLOTR: Three for the Elves, and One Rule To Rule Them All writtern by Ian McHugh, on behald of the CSFG Hivemind The final chapter of the epic crap-talking journey that began with The Fellowship of EWKASWLFLOTR and continued with The EWKASWLFLOTR Towers!  XV: The Unfeasibly Large [...]

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