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      IFWG Australia & Harry Hartog Invite you to a Double Book Launch on Saturday 16th November 2019 at 5:30pm to 7:30 pm at Harry Hartog, Shop L38 Westfield Woden, Keltie Street, Woden ACT.

      Guest: Christina Ryan, CEO, Disability Leadership Institute

      MC: Rob Porteous, speculative fiction writer, editor and judge

      The Year of the Fruitcake – The Earth-based life of a mostly mindwiped alien anthropologist inhabits a human perimenopausal body instead of her own more rational body with its capacity to change gender. This alien has definitely shaken a great intergalactic empire by sitting in cafés with her new best friends. Chocolate may or may not have played a part. Will humanity survive?

      Dr Gillian Polack‘s seventh published novel is set in Canberra. Earlier novels and her short fiction collection Mountains of the Mind have been short-listed for awards.

      The Bloodwolf War – The six unicorn guardians of Equinora have abandoned their roles and vicious bloodwolves rampage the land. Fleet, a young stallion, seeks a cure for the bloodwolf poison. But even as he begins to fear the selfish unicorns have sent him to his death, he discovers a secret that might mean he has a chance to save all horses and people from annihilation.

      Paula Boer loves all types of creatures. Unicorns and dragons feature in her novels as well as presiding in her library at home.

    • Celia
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      Both these books sound amazing! Looking forward to the launch. Cheers Celia

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