CSFG Secretary Elizabeth Fitzgerald has been running a series of interviews over at her Earl Grey Editing Services blog around the theme of the writing community (also tea). In a recent installment of “Brewing Community”, Ian McHugh, one of the editors of CSFG’s upcoming anthology The Never Never Land, talked about his experience of pulling together an anthology that reflects the vibrant wider-Canberra speculative fiction community:

“Everything that needs to be done to make one of our anthologies happen relies on community. Aside from editing, that includes wrangling submissions, proofing, typesetting, marketing and selling: all done by members of the group volunteering their time. That also means that producing the books can be susceptible to life happening to the people who’ve put their hands up.”

Read the rest of the interview here, and we’ll be back to report on the progress of The Never Never Land very soon!

(The rest of Elizabeth’s series is well worth reading as well!)

TNNL Cover