To Kaaron Warren, who’s novella “Sky” (having cleaned up all the available Australian awards and the Shirley Jackson Award) has been shortlisted for a World Fantasy Award!

To Donna Hanson, who’s story “She’ll be right” has been long-listed for the Carmel Bird Award.

To the 3 CSFGers whose stories have been included in Ellen Datlow’s recommended reads from her reading for The Best Horror of the Year: Alan Baxter, for “The Goodbye Message” and “Burning, Always Burning”; Rob Porteous for “The Subjunctive Case”; and Kaaron for “Sky”, “Creek”, “Mountain”, “Road”, “The History Thief”, “The Lighthouse Keepers’ Club” and “The Pickwick Syndrome”.

Sales and Publications

Kaaron’s new re-print collection, The Gate Theory, has been released as an e-book by Cohesion Press.

Simon Petrie’s poem “At the Dark Matter Zoo” has been accepted for the speculative poetry anthology The Stars Like Sand.

Alan Baxter’s stoy “” has been published in issue #2 of Crowded Magazine.