CSFG members have a whole swag of stuff that’s eligible for this year’s Ditmar Awards.

Voting is due to open soon. Members, including supporting members, of the upcoming and previous national spec fic conventions (Continuum X and Conflux 9) are eligible to vote.

Red titles below link to stories that are free to read online.

Best Collected Work

Simon Petrie and Rob Porteous (eds)

Next (CSFG Publishing)

Cat Sparks **NEW ENTRY**

The Bride Price (Ticonderoga Publications)

Kaaron Warren

The Gate Theory (Cohesion Press)

Best Novelette or Novella

Ian McHugh

Grey Snow in the Shadows (ASIM)

Cold, Cold War (Beneath Ceaseless Skies)

The Canal Barge Magician’s Number Nine Daughter (Clockwork Phoenix 4)

Tim Napper

The Gambler (Omni Reboot)

Zena Shapter

Darker (Midnight Echo #10)

Kaaron Warren **CORRECTION**

The Unwanted Women of Surrey (Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells, Tor Books)

Best Short Story

Alan Baxter

Not the Worst of Sins (Beneath Ceaseless Skies)

Roll the Bones (Crowded Magazine)

The Beat Of A Pale Wing (A Killer Among Demons, Dark Prints Press)

The Fathomed Wreck To See (Midnight Echo #9)

On A Crooked Leg Lightly (Dreaming Of Djinn, Ticonderoga Publications)

Quantum Echoes (Next, CFSG Publishing)

A Time For Redemption (Urban Occult, Anachron Press)

It’s Always the Children Who Suffer (Midnight Echo #10)

Exposure Compensation (Midnight Echo #10)

Ian McHugh

When the Rain Comin (Asimov’s Oct/Nov 2013)

Vandiemensland (Next, CSFG Publishing)

From Sorrow’s Gate (Crowded Magazine)

Shauna O’Meara

The Dream Tracker (Next, CSFG Publishing)

Leife Shallcross

A Little Warning (Next, CSFG Publishing)

Cat Sparks **NEW ENTRY**

Daughters of Battendown (One Small Step, FableCroft Publishing)

Scarp (The Bride Price, Ticonderoga Publications)

Dave Versace

Imported Goods – Aisle Nine (Next, CSFG Publishing)

Kaaron Warren

Born and Bread (Once Upon a Time: New Fairy Tales, Prime Books)

Air, Water and the Grove (The Lowest Heaven, Pandemonium Press)

Sleeping with the Bower Birds (Shivers 7, Cemetary Dance)

The Human Moth (The Grimscribe’s Puppets, Miskatonic River Press)

Best Artwork

Shauna O’Meara

Cover art (Next)

Internal illustrations (Next)

Cover art (In Fabula-divino)

Best New Talent

Zena Shapter

Best Fan Writer

Zena Shapter

Body of work including blog series How Editors Select Short Stories and Where Writers Write

Best Fan Publication

Zena Shapter

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