It’s here! The Kickstarter campaign for the 2020 CSFG anthology, Unnatural Order, has been launched and will run throughout the month of August.

We have all kinds of monstrously exciting rewards, from enamel pins to chocolate to custom art to monster plushies (seriously I have some of these in my home right now and they are so cute) to writing critiques to, of course, books. Including a Kickstarter-exclusive hardback edition of the anthology itself!

Plushie tentacle beasts sitting atop a pile of books available via the UO Kickstarter.

Tentaplushies! Plus some fine, fine bookloot!

While the base anthology is already funded, the Kickstarter will assist us in increasing the pay rates for our authors and other contributors, and who doesn’t want that?

So, y’know. What are you waiting for? Go grab yourself some monstrous loot (and the anthology) today!

(We also have Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Mastodon notifications of the project’s launch, for those of you who are feeling share-y on social media! As always, boosts are greatly appreciated… not to mention beneficial for those of you lining up stories to submit…)