The National Australian Fan Fund (NAFF) is on again.

NAFF is an annual fundraiser that provides an opportunity for a member of the speculative fiction community to attend Natcon aka the National Science Fiction Convention. Next year that will be Contact 2016 (to be held in Brisbane over the Easter weekend).

NAFF raises money to pay for travel and accommodation for one fan to attend Natcon, to participate in panels and report on the event. This year the candidates – each of whom has been nominated by a number of their peers – are Liz Barr (Vic), Maureen Flynn (NSW) and our own Elizabeth Fitzgerald (ACT). This year voting is being managed by Tehani Wessely over at the Fablecroft site.

To vote for any of the candidates, CLICK HERE to make a selection. Each vote requires a $5 donation via Paypal.

[Insert obligatory joke concerning the timeliness and frequency of voting here].

Naturally the CSFG collective would be chuffed to be represented by Elizabeth, but we encourage you to consider each of the very worthy candidates*. Tehani has very graciously hosted the three NAFF candidates’ statements over at her blog A Conversational Life, so you can see what they have to say for themselves.

Please support this very worthy cause if you can.

Nominations close on Wednesday 23 December 2015, so be quick!


* …and then vote for Elizabeth anyway, obviously.