Interview with Donna Maree Hanson

by Ian McHugh With the (then) impending release of her new novel Shatterwing, part one of Dragon Wine, I interviewed Donna Hanson about her long-time passion project. Because I’m a slacker, Shatterwing is now out in the world and the sequel, Skywatcher, is on its way on October 9. The [...]

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CSFG MemberNews (November 2012)

Congratulations! To Donna Maree Hanson, who sold her young adult space opera novel to the new Harlequin digital imprint, Escape Publishing - her debut novel sale!  Scheduled date for release is January 2013. To Kaaron Warren for her 2012 Canberra Critics' Circle Award. Other Sales and publications Ian McHugh's story "From [...]

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