To Gillian Polack for finishing her (second) PhD, in Creative Writing at the University of WA.

To Shauna O’Meara, whose story “The Plague Most Feared” placed second in the Australia’s Security Nightmares short story contest.

Upcoming workshops, courses and events

Nicole Murphy will commence teaching the online version of her “Writing Sizzling Sex Scenes” course through Savvy Authors from 5 November.

Gillian Polack will be presenting her paper “Beneath the Narrative” at the Gender Games Symposium in Melbourne on 26-27 November.

Sales and publications

Alan Baxter’s story “Salvage in the Void” has been accepted by Kasma Magazine. Alan’s novels RealmShift and MageSign are both now available as audiobooks at Audible, Amazon, iTunes, etc, his story “Crossroads and Carousels” is available to read at The Red Penny Papers and “Cephalapoda Obsessia” is out now in the Bloodstones anthology from Ticonderoga Publications.

Nicole R. Murphy has a story, “Euryale”, out now in Bloodstones.

Ian McHugh’s story “The Wishwriter’s Wife” has been reprinted in the Not Just Rockets and Robots anthology from Daily SF.

UPDATE: Simon Petrie’s story “Cruisy” is free to read online at Ticon4.

And the bad news is…

We are sad to report that Nicole Murphy has had to discontinue publication of her webzine In Fabula-divinos. This was a great initiative, providing first professional rate publications for up and coming writers. We hope that Nicole can revive the ‘zine in the not too distant future. She will still be publishing the planned In Fabula-divinos anthology, featuring all of the stories that have appeared on the webzine.