The 2018 CSFG AGM will be held on 17 October 2018.

Generally, the AGM will take up some of the first hour of our normal meeting (from 7:30 pm). The outgoing committee will report on the activities and our many achievements for the year, and the members present will vote in a new committee and office-bearers. Not only will members be able to nominate and elect a new Committee for the CSFG, they are welcome – nay, encouraged – to nominate if interested in a role on the committee, be that President, Treasurer, Vice President, Public Officer, Secretary or general committee member. And remember that more than one person can nominate for a position (in which case the membership then votes between them). People usually tend to nominate for the committee at the AGM, but if you want to nominate yourself ahead of time, feel free.

Following the AGM, our very own Mike McRae, science communicator extraordinaire, will inform us about science through the ages (in case you’re wondering, the featured image is science-related – not a picture of our AGM). So tear off your leeches, draw out your humours, whip out your bone saws, (well… maybe not that last one…) and come and listen to what is sure to be a fascinating second-half presentation by Mike.