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Membership fees raised

The CSFG Committee agreed at the March meeting to raise annual membership fees. As of 16 March 2017, memberships will be at the following rates: General membership - $30.00 Concessional membership - $20.00 Outer Canberra membership - $10.00 The Committee regrets this unavoidable increase. The hike in membership rates is [...]

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AGM and Life Memberships

Committee News This week's CSFG Annual General Meeting saw the turnover of the Committee and the appointment of a new President: Angus Yeates has succeeded Leife Shallcross as the World Dominator-in-Chief of the CSFG. Congratulations to Angus for stepping up to become our human shield glorious leader! Angus is joined [...]

csfg annual general meeting

Last night, 16 October, CSFG held our annual general meeting. The outgoing committee reported to the members on activities and achievements for the year, including:publication of the Next anthologypublication of Next, Winds of Change and Kaaron Warren's The Grinding House as e-bookschanging our membership structure to welcome Outer Canberra membersour [...]

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New CSFG Committee

The CSFG Inc. Annual General Meeting was held last night and duly elected a new committee for the association. The new office holders and other committee members are: Ian McHugh - President Rik Lagarto - Vice President (smile and wave!) Rob Porteous - Treasurer Leife Shallcross - Secretary Mitchell Akhurst - [...]

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