Book Launch

Friday 26 April, 6-7pm – launch of Next, edited by Simon Petrie and Rob Porteous

Dealer’s Room

 From 1pm, Thursday 25 April – come see the special offers at the CSFG dealers table


Thursday 25 April, 12-3pm – Writing using the five senses with Gillian Polack

Friday 26 April, 8-10am – Polishing your turds (or, how to edit your stories) with Ian McHugh

Friday 26 April, 8-10am – Distilling your story with Chris Andrews


Friday 26 April, 9:30-10am – Simon Petrie

Friday 26 April, 11-11.30am – Leife Shallcross

Friday 26 April, 3-3.30pm – David Coleman – UPDATED

Saturday 27 April, 9.30-10am – Ian McHugh

Saturday 27 April, 11-11.30am – Kaaron Warren (Conflux 9 Special Guest)

Sunday 28 April, 11-11.30am – Al Baxter

Sunday 28 April, 1.30-2pm – Shauna O’Meara

Sunday 28 april, 1.30-2pm – David Coleman

Art Show

Works by Shauna O’Meara


Friday 26 April, 11am – kafeeklatsch with Gillian Polack

Saturday 27 April, 4-4.55pm – Guest of Honour talk by Kaaron Warren

Saturday 27 April, 8-8.55pm – The Romance Gauntlet (Leife Shallcross, Rob Porteous, Simon Petrie, Shauna O’Meara, Ross Hamilton)

Sunday 28 April, 11-12am – launch of In Fabula-divino, edited by Nicole Murphy

Panel Program

Thursday 25 April

10-10.55am – Taboo subjects for authors (Gillian Polack)

3-3.55pm – Self-publishing (Phill Berrie)

Friday 26 April

10-10.55am – What was great about SF when we were young? (Phill Berrie)

12.30-1.25pm – The politics of steampunk (Gillian Polack)

2.30-3.25pm – Better than they Should Be Anime (Shauna O’Meara, Elizabeth Fitzgerald)

4-4.55am – Podcasts and multimedia (Phill Berrie)

5-5.55pm – Speculative Art (Shauna O’Meara)

Saturday 27 April

10-10.55am – Writing communities (Phill Berrie)

11.30-12.25am – Using history to inspire fiction (Gillian Polack)

8-8.55pm – Star Wars the rebirth (Chris Andrews) UPDATED

Sunday 28 April

10-10.55am – Does a Cover Sell a Book? (Shauna O’Meara)

12.30-1.25pm – Defining the essentials of a short story (Gillian Polack)

12.30-1.25pm – Secret life of Writers (Elizabeth Fitzgerald)

2.30-3.25 – Junkyard Writing (Rob Porteous, Rik Lagarto)

3.30-4.25pm – Technological optimism vs political pessimism (Phill Berrie)