by Chris Andrews (writing at

With Conflux kicking off this Thursday, I thought a post about pitching to agents and editors was in order.


Other than having a good time and catching up with friends at Conflux, I’ll be moderating a panel on pitching (with two agents and an editor), teaching the art of creating elevator pitches during a workshop on Friday morning, and later that day pitching to an editor myself in the hopes of selling my epic fantasy.

So what do I know about pitching? A few things.

The basics…

The best thing you can do is approach a pitching session from agent or editor’s perspective, which means keeping two things in mind:

  1. They want to know that you’re someone they can work with (that you’re not insane).
  2. You have something they can make money from (they’re running a business, not an art-house).


In regard to pleading ‘not insane’… Read more…