Nor of Human

Nor of Human


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Nor of Human… An Anthology of Fantastic Creatures, edited by Geoffrey Maloney.

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All cultures have them, creatures that may be benevolent or malignant, horrible or beautiful, creatures whose full comprehension stays just beyond the grope of our minds. Is it merely an ability to dream up amusing fantasies that frighten, entertain and delight us or some deeper drive for knowledge of Heaven and Earth and everything between?

Geoffrey Maloney, in the introduction to Nor of Human…

Nor of Human… was the CSFG’s first anthology, edited then-member Geoffrey Maloney with a cover and interior art by Les Petersen.  The theme, inspired by a guest talk to the Guild by crypto-zoologist Tony Healey,  was “Fantastic Creatures”, a theme which the authors explored through fourteen stories of fantasy, science fiction and horror.  The book was launched at the ACT Writers’ Centre by author and editor Jack Dann.

Stories and authors

  • “The Trojan Rocks” by Michael Barry
  • “Wyvern’s Blood” by Chris Andrews
  • “Cacachatol” by Peter Barrett
  • “Tales from the True Desert” by Matthew Farrer
  • “Playing Possum” by Maxine McArthur
  • “Fringe Dwellers” by Robbie Matthews
  • “Perfect Parasite” by Carole Nomarhas
  • “Sasquatch Winter” by Les Petersen
  • “Quacaha” by Allan Price
  • “Claw” by Paul Ryan
  • “Flap” by Antony Searle
  • “Stark Raving Mad” by Geoff Skellams
  • “Camp Yowie” by Krystle & Mark Snitch
  • “Happy Birthday to Me” by Alison Venugoban

Awards and recognition

Nor of Human… was shortlisted for four Aurealis Awards  for 2001: “The Trojan Rocks” by Michael Barry for Best Science Fiction Story, “Tales from the True Desert” by Matthew Farrer for best fantasy story, “Happy Birthday to Me” by Alison Venugoban for Best Horror Story, and as editor Geoffrey Maloney was shortlisted for the Peter McNamara Convenors’ Award for Excellence.


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