The Never Never Land

The Never Never Land


The Never Never Land, edited by Mitchell Akhurst, Phillip Berrie and Ian McHugh.

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Australia has its own mythologies. Some of them were here long before Europeans arrived; some of them are yet to come. Steam-powered bushrangers. Restless penal colonies. Robotic mining operations. Fairy colonies in the gum trees and old ghosts in the laneways. Drought and fire and flood and new life struggling to emerge from the dust. These are the stories we tell ourselves and the stories we want to hide from.

Thirty new stories from some of Australia’s best-known speculative fiction writers and some of its newest.

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Stories and authors

Tirari Desert, Saturday – Thoraiya Dyer
The Seven-Forty from Paraburdoo – Charlotte Nash
Against the Current – Dan Baker
The Nexus Tree – Kimberly Gaal
The Green, Green Grass of Home – Brenda Anderson
Drought – Adrik Kemp
She’ll Be Right – Donna Maree Hanson
Jimmy’s Boys – Laura E. Goodin
Ferals – William Broom
Rainbows of the Drought – Jacob Edwards
Terra Australis – Craig Garrett
Hard – Helen Stubbs
The Laneway – Richard L. Lagarto
The Spectacularly Lucky Country – David Coleman
To Look Upon a Dream Tiger – Shauna O’Meara
Ghost Versions – Darren Goossens
Looking For Ben – M. James Richards
The Inventor of Ironclad Creek – Michael Kraaz
Rebirth – Linh T. Nguyen
Consumed – Elizabeth Jakimow
Done and Darbie’d – Faran Silverton
Beyond the Factory Wall – Rivqa Rafael
Rust Titan – Chris Large
Memory Lane – Suzanne J. Willis
The Swagman – Angus Yeates
Adventure Socks – Leife Shallcross
Trike Race –  Edwina Harvey and Simon Petrie
The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth – Jodi Cleghorn
Dragon Girl – Cat Sparks
Welcome to Australia – Monica Carroll


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