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Romance for Speculative Fiction Readers

Over at her Earl Grey Editing blog, Elizabeth Fitzgerald is providing a few recommendations for introductory reading in speculative works that double as a gateway to the romance genre (or vice versa). As anyone who has attended the multidimensional GenreCon convention in recent years can attest, there's a lot for [...]

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Issue #1 of Dimension 6 is out now!

CSFG is acting as a "distribution affiliate" for D6, the new FREE (and DRM free) spec fic e-zine from Coeur de Lion Publishing. Issue #1 features stories by Richard Harland, Charlotte Nash and Jason Nahrung. You can download it in epub format here and mobi format here.

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Free Fiction!

CSFG member Mike Pieloor has a story out in the Dark Hall Press Cosmic Horror Anthology, which is free on Kindle (with tentacles!)

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Free Stories

Ian McHugh has been posting more of his print fiction publications to read for free on his website: "Grey Snow in the Shadows" (from issue #58 of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine) "Vandiemensland" (from the 2013 CSFG anthology Next) "From Sorrow's Gate" (from issue #1 of Crowded Magazine) “The Godbreaker and Unggubudh [...]

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New Fiction!

Alan Baxter has a new story, "All the Wealth in the World", free to read online at Lakeside Circus. The Time-Maker’s expression is serious. I can’t stop looking at her translucent skin. She must be a thousand years old. Her eyes are almost lost in folds, but dark brown irises glisten, [...]

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Victimless Merchandising from Simon Petrie

Peggy Bright Books have put together a free sampler of CSFG member and Sir Julius Vogel Award winner Simon Petrie's work, titled 'Needs More Dinosaurs': five complete short stories ('Downdraft', 'To Arms', '@Bearhouse', 'Storm in a T-Suit', and 'Three-Horned Dilemma') available as a free ebook, in pdf, epub, and mobi [...]

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