Masques, edited by Gillian Polack and Scott Hopkins.

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Forget The Financial ReviewThe Sydney Morning HeraldThe AgeThe West AustralianThe Canberra Times; forget all the bad news on the radio and television; forget the recession, depression, inflation, deflation, monetization, securitization, and the jobless rate. Forget all that because we are in the lucky country; and if you need proof (and perhaps also a bit of relaxation, ‘fantasization’, and exhilaration!), then start reading Masques, edited by Gillian Polack and Scott Hopkins. Here are our own home-grown fantasists…who will knock your argyle socks off.

Jack Dann, multiple-award-winning author of The Memory Cathedral

We all wear masks.

Human beings mask their faces with paint, with wood, with the faces of others.  Others mask as humans.  Some masks hide tragedy – some bring joy.

What is our place in the masqued dance?  How does the face-changing, shape-changing moment touch us or transform our lives?

Thirty exciting writers use fantasy, science fiction and horror to take us on a dangerous journey through the many masks of Masques.

Stories and authors

  • “The Dancing Mice and the Giants of Flanders” by Laura E Goodin
  • “Tom Linken” by Doug Fry
  • “Death Masque” by Joanne Anderton
  • “The Dumbshow” by Andrew J McKiernan
  • “An Insidious Soliloquy” by Jacob Edward
  • “The Changeling Detective” by Phillip Berrie
  • “Four Parties” by R.J. Astruc
  • “Ours to Tease” by Felicity Bloomfield
  • “The Fall Guy” by Simon Petrie
  • “The Gift of the Butterfly Queen” by Anne Mok
  • “Outside the Frame” by Ross C Hamilton
  • “Coppernic’s Sky” by Ariella Adler
  • “The Broken Cross” by Mik Bennett
  • “The Dirge of Dr Donatello Dieci” by Matthew Sini
  • “Seventeen” by Cat Sparks
  • “Night of Masks and Spears” by Donna Maree Hanson
  • “Jetsam and Flotsam” by Justin Thomas
  • “The Patchwork Palace” by Jason Fischer
  • “Gentlemen Prefer Pengs” by Amelia Walker
  • “The Whispering Walls” by Chris Jones
  • “The Hidden” by Marcus Olsson
  • “The Winter Ball” by Kylie Bullivant
  • “Murathera’s Orgy” by Graham Storrs
  • “Marked from Birth” by Monica Carroll
  • “Hobnails in Heaven” by Cat Sheely
  • “Innuendo” by Valerie YL Toh
  • “Overworld” by Megan Tones
  • “Blonde Curls” by Nicole R Murphy
  • “The Widow’s Face” by Richard Harland
  • “Still Life” by Astrid Cooper

Awards and recognition

“Seventeen” by Cat Sparks won the Aurealis Award for Best Young Adult Short Story of 2009.


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