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Members News – January to March 2016

Update: Edited to correct the spelling of Rivqa's name - sorry Rivqa! Awards Season Several of the major Australian genre awards are upon us, with nominations recently announced for the Aurealis and Ditmar Awards. CSFG members were well-represented on the shortlists: In the Aurealis Awards shortlist: Kimberley Gaal featured with [...]

Members’ news – October to December 2015

CSFG members have been busy as usual – here’s the latest news. Congratulations in particular to everyone who picked up various awards and gongs! And here’s to a bountiful and successful writing year in 2016! Short story Alan Baxter has enjoyed a few publications in an end-of-year rush: “How Father [...]

Members’ new – August/September 2015

We have comparatively little news to report this month – so little that I suspect we’ve missed something huge – but as usual CSFG members have been busily infiltrating the ranks of the world’s SFFH elite! Short stories Tim Napper is continuously his riotously busy writing year with sales of [...]

Member News for July 2015

As usual, the brave little quokkas and quolls of the CSFG semi-autonomous collective have been busy racking up wins, plaudits and sparkling achievements! Here's just some of their outstanding accomplishments for the month of July! Awards In possibly the biggest news of the month and a distinctive career highlight, Kaaron [...]

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Member News – April/May 2015

CSFG members have been busily working away at their craft and appear to be taking over Australia’s premier online magazine of speculative fiction Aurealis, if this month’s news is anything to go by. Congratulations to everyone getting their art out there! For those of you eager for news of CSFG’s [...]

2014 Awards Season – Aurealis Awards and Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror

Aurealis Awards Nominations for the annual Aurealis Awards for Australian speculative fiction are open. Any work of speculative fiction written by an Australian citizen or permanent resident and published for the first time between 1 January 2014 and 31 December 2014 is eligible to be entered. The conditions of entry are here. [...]

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CSFG Member News (July 2014)

Events Gillian Polack is guest of honour at Liburnicon in Croatia Sales and Publications Gillian has sold more than three books to Satalyte Publishing, including Langue[dot]doc 1305, which will have a pre-release at Loncon. Donna Hanson, writing as Dani Kristoff, has a new book out from HarperImpulse, The Sorceror's Spell. Donna [...]

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CSFG Member News (May / June 2014)

Congratulations! To Tim Napper, who won first prize in the first quarter of the Writers of the Future contest (CSFG's second WotF prize winner for 2014 and CSFG's fifth prize winner overall. Here's hoping he can become our second annual grand prize winner!) To Cat Sparks, who's collection The Bride [...]

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