ANU Course – Search for Life

CSFG members may be interested in this upcoming course at ANU's Centre for Continuing Education. The course is called "Search for Life" and covers the progress science has made on answering the question "Are we alone in the universe?" The course is aimed at the general public and will consist [...]

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Members’ news – October to December 2015

CSFG members have been busy as usual – here’s the latest news. Congratulations in particular to everyone who picked up various awards and gongs! And here’s to a bountiful and successful writing year in 2016! Short story Alan Baxter has enjoyed a few publications in an end-of-year rush: “How Father [...]

Members’ new – August/September 2015

We have comparatively little news to report this month – so little that I suspect we’ve missed something huge – but as usual CSFG members have been busily infiltrating the ranks of the world’s SFFH elite! Short stories Tim Napper is continuously his riotously busy writing year with sales of [...]

Member News for July 2015

As usual, the brave little quokkas and quolls of the CSFG semi-autonomous collective have been busy racking up wins, plaudits and sparkling achievements! Here's just some of their outstanding accomplishments for the month of July! Awards In possibly the biggest news of the month and a distinctive career highlight, Kaaron [...]

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Reminder about upcoming workshops

Several CSFG members are providing workshops in the next few months through the ACT Writers Centre. Chris Andrews will be presenting Creating Compelling Novels on Saturday 25 July 2015. Gillian Polack is doing an introduction to Fiction Writing and History on Saturday 1 August 2015. Ian McHugh will present The [...]

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CSFG Member News (December 2014)

It's the end of the year, and CSFG is on hiatus until early February, but that doesn't mean our members aren't busy beavering away at their craft. Several CSFG members have reported exciting publication news: Novels Justin Woolley's first novel A Town Called Dust is out now from Momentum. Zena [...]

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CSFG Member News (November 2014)

It’s been quite a while since we’ve updated our member news. Here’s a probably-incomplete roundup of the action since July: Novels Donna Maree Hanson’s Dragon Wine duology has launched from Momentum books: Shatterwing and Skywatcher Alan Baxter’s Alex Caine series is now out from Harper Collins in Australian and New [...]

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