Writing Retreats

Guest post by Donna Hanson As writers we know that writing is all about the writer and the writing medium, be it pen and paper, keyboard and blank screen. Put in a nutshell, writing is the transferring of ideas from one’s head to the written word—a lonely endeavour that only [...]

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The Elements of Novels

Guest post by Chris Andrews Eleventeen years ago (clearly too many to count) I decided on a brilliant Get Rich Quick Scheme, or GRQS for complexity. It involved writing a Number-One International Bestselling Novel and retiring before I’d left my teens. To a kid without any real-world experience it seemed [...]

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On Step 2

by Ian McHugh (writing at A common question that crops up at writing workshops is “How do you go about getting stories published?” So much so that I’ve started building the short version of the answer into my workshop introductions. The short answer goes like this: McHugh’s 3-step Guide [...]

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Alan Baxter News!

(and other CSFG Member News for September 2013) CONGRATULATIONS! To Alan, who has signed a THREE BOOK DEAL with HarperVoyager Australia! To (and fingers-crossed for) Shauna O'Meara, who has a story among the finalists in the Writes of the Future contest. Upcoming Workshops and Courses Gillian Polack will be commencing [...]

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