Member News – November 16-January 17

We have a world of news to catch up on since our last update, which only goes to show that life can move pretty fast if you're not paying attention (or if you just neglect your blog for several months over a very hot summer!) World's Finest! One of the [...]


GUFF is the Get Up and Over Fan Fund. This fund sends a delegate to a major convention (sometimes to more than one) at the other side of the world. Jukka Halme came to Australia early in 2016, representing European fandom. CSFG's own Gillian Polack represented Australasia at Loncon, Liburnicon [...]

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CSFG Member News (May / June 2014)

Congratulations! To Tim Napper, who won first prize in the first quarter of the Writers of the Future contest (CSFG's second WotF prize winner for 2014 and CSFG's fifth prize winner overall. Here's hoping he can become our second annual grand prize winner!) To Cat Sparks, who's collection The Bride [...]

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